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It’s times like these, after you’ve gone to sleep, that my brain realizes and materializes all of its stay thoughts. Thoughts about how I miss you, your scruffy but immaculately trimmed beard when we cuddle, the thing your eyes do in the dark, the fact that you like my tummy and all of my flaws, just the plain attention we gave each other. You make the whirlwind of thoughts and worries in my head quiet when we’re together. You make me feel /safe/. And the distance now is more unbearable than before, knowing that closeness

It doesn’t help knowing that the smell of you has faded from all my stuff

God I sound so sappy„,



Front and back of the bolero (button close at the neck, will fit large necks), front flat view, button and chain detail, lacing detail, and the back where all the chains connect. It has a modesty panel attached here, and the hook and eye closure is hidden under a fabric flap in the front -owo-

Dream Cosplays

(Or WIP cosplays, but most(all) of these I can’t make at the moment due to lack of sewing knowledge. Read: Kira can’t sew jack shit)

- Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
- Personal God Tier: Mage of Mind*
- Repo!Stuck Karkat*
- Shiloh Wallace (to accompany glitzandgiggles Fem! Graverobber)
- Portal 2 Prima Donna/Opera Turret*
- PMMM: Homura Akemi (with longbow)*
- Moogle?

- RotG Santa*

Starred costumes will be part of a hopefully much larger) group set

Military/Soldier! Jane Checklist for Squire’s Castle Meet  (AKA Kira needs lists to keep herself organized)


Black Tank Top

     -Transfer Paper for said Tank Top

Blue Camo Pants (~$30)

Combat Boots (Borrow-able??)

Helmet ($13, Mr. Funs)

     -Blue Spray Paint for Helmet

     -Red Paint for a trident logo?

Gloves (Plausibly borrow-able)

Misc. Props

Bullet Belt? (~$10)

Gas Mask (Borrow-able or ~$10 at Mr. Funs for a shitty one to modify) 

Gun? (Rifle, preferably, if at all. Ammo belt would be plausibly usable rounds for it)

I have to get up in approximately four hours and I cannot get to sleep. Why this

image Eric o3o

(Base by Feastings)

Character for an upcoming Pokemon RP I’m joining! Made with this doll maker.

Also, I see Eric started following me. Cool. : 3

I just read this whole series of books in three days…worth it. Always worth it.

What even is pitch…and harmony…asdfg. How am I supposed to finish Bohemian Rhapsody!!! I don’t know which harmonies to sing (if any) or what the others are doing and sEMPAIS asdfghh…I feel like I’m the last one getting this done aND THAT MAKES ME FEEL REALLY BAD ;3; but I just don’t know…how do

I’m gon’ be the one shitty voice in this collab, I can FEEL it.